Welcome Day

Release date: 22nd August 2019

Welcome Day

Life is full of new beginnings: The first time you see where you live and where you will grow up, the first day at school, the first day in your new job and many more. We collected a lot of stories and small impressions from “Life at a working place of some regular guy who has a 9-to-5 kind of job”. A lot of different people shared their ideas about their everyday life at work with us and we thought about letting one fictional person experience all these things on one single day – the “Welcome Day” or, in other words, the “First day at the new workplace”. The album starts in the morning and ends somewhere late at night, long after work. During this time, our fictional person gets introduced to the new place, meets the new colleagues, falls in love with different people and things, enjoys an unusual lunch break, experiences new problems that come with the new job, and is finally relieved to be able to finish the day on a high note. Even though our character will experience all these things hundreds or thousands of times, over and over again, the “Welcome Day”, being the first time for everything and an overall new beginning, will always be special. We hope that, similarly, you will enjoy listening to our debut album – for the first time, and then over and over again.

1. Welcome Day
2. The Field Test Song
3. Leif on Mars
4. Room Concept
5. Office Romance
6. Hospital Food
7. Ice Cream Song
8. Bug Freedom Fighter
9. Ant Got Coffee
10. The Tireless HMI
11. Clock Off
12. Welcome Day (Reprise)

Our first studio album was released on 22nd August 2019. It took us nearly three years to complete the recordings, mixing and mastering. The album contains twelve songs that represent a "best-of" of our work so far.
The album is available on CD containing a 16-page full colored booklet and on many online platforms for streaming or download. You can find it here for example:

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The first Single "Ice Cream Song"