Write MY Song

Write MY Song was one of the most exciting experiments in modern music. The Blue Riders promised to write one song out of ideas handed in by colleagues. There were no limits, everything could have been sent to us.

Six colleagues took the chance to get their personal song done. They devised ten song ideas in the range from just a song title up to a detailed description of the lyrics and/or hints towards the musical arrangement.

In the first step Christoph tried to write lyrics for all of them. Until now he wrote six new lyrics based on the contest input. One song idea happened to exactly match to some song lyrics he had already written.

As a result seven song lyric drafts could be handed over to Christopher to start the composing process. During this process he worked with the song lyrics and introduced some updates. He managed to finalize three complete songs.

Those song demos were then arranged by the complete band during our rehearsals for the JIM-B summer party 2015.

The winner of the contest was determined by an audience decision on the JIM-B summer party at 2nd July 2015 in Neumünster. The winner song was The Field Test Song (Burger Count).


Some song titles from Write MY Song:

Blue Moon Over Atlanta
Engineers Wanna Have Fun
Hardrock Or Nogger Choc
The Carpool Song
The Field Test Song (Burger Count)
The Tireless HMI
Welcome Day


After the summer party we decided to continue with Write MY Song. It is still possible to hand-in song ideas. The song ideas are a valuable pool of inspiration for creating our new lyrics.